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Ballerina Diary with Lock
Fully lined pink pages fill this gorgeous little diary for girls with a 3D window displaying sparkly ballet shoes and a bookmark to keep your place.
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RRP:  $ 14.95
T'es Fou Louloop Wolf Book
The Louloup book tells the story of a crazy cuddly wolf  A wolf so greedy that he has a blue tongue Indeed Louloup eats anything like the little pig the red ridding hood a pan and even a mobile phoneThus he decides to see the doctor the dr who tells him he has to be operated on and when the dr opens Louloups tummy she liberates all the friends Louloup promises to not eat them anymore and make it up to them he invites them to a dinner to eat good things like vegetables fishWhen its time to sleep.
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RRP:  $ 55.00